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Retail Recruitment is a Process.
Not an Event.

Our proprietary Retail360® Process identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your community to attract retail and highlights your community’s advantage over competing cities. Through our multi-phase approach to recruiting new retailers, we’re able to help communities build a long-term retail economic development plan.

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How Our Retail360® Process Works:

Phase 1

Analyzing Your Retail Market

We spend time on the ground in your community to become experts on your retail market. We identify key retail districts, your community's retail trade areas, and other important information that retailers look at when analyzing communities.

Phase 2

Determining Retail Opportunities

We identify the best retail opportunities for your community by analyzing demographics, psychographics, and looking at existing retail gaps. A Retail Gap Analysis helps determine where retail opportunities exist.

Phase 3

Identifying Development Opportunities

Retailers are more likely to consider communities that already have retail space available. To capitalize on this, we spend time identifying key development and redevelopment opportunities that can be presented to retailers that may be interested in your community.

Phase 4

Identifying Retailers & Developers for Recruitment

Retailers and developers must "fit" the market based on their location requirements. We use research, your community demographics & psychographics, and available sites to target retailers and developers that may be interested in your community.

Phase 5

Marketing & Branding

Our team creates marketing materials for your team to use at conferences or send to retailers, developers, and brokers that may be interested in your community. Some marketing pieces include a Retail Market Profile, Retailer Marketing Packages, GISt Data & Site Platform, and many others.

Phase 6

Recruiting Retailers & Developers

Our team recruits retailers and developers on your behalf. We leverage our relationships and knowledge of the industry to ensure your community is getting noticed by retailers.

Phase 7

Downtown & Urban Revitalization

We empower existing businesses to expand and provide the data and research necessary for entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities. Our team hosts retail workshops that assist existing retail businesses in making informed decisions about expanding merchandise lines or pursuing new retail opportunities.

Phase 8

Coaching & Ongoing Support

We become part of your team to help you have long-term retail recruitment success. By providing ongoing coaching and support, we're able to help ensure your team is successful in recruiting new retailers and developers.

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