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What Makes Your Community Unique?

Identify and Embrace Your Story.



Having worked with over 450 clients in over 30 states, The Retail Coach has had the opportunity to get to know, up close and personal, the unique attributes and interesting stories of many communities.

It is vital to identify what makes you unique and to shout it to the world, so to speak. While we all can’t be Las Vegas or have the Grand Canyon, many communities are embracing or creating their own story.

One of our clients, Warrensburg, Missouri touts being in the “heart of the nation.” They relish their history. The phrase, “man’s best friend,” was made famous by a colorful court case in 1870 where a sheep farmer was accused of killing his neighbor’s favorite dog “Old Drum.” The case went to the Missouri Supreme Court and the lower verdict compelling the farmer to pay his neighbor $50 was upheld. A statue of “Old Drum” stands outside the courthouse today and his image is used in many themes and logos. Warrensburg is also home to Whitman AFB and University of Central Missouri.

There are the obvious and wonderful stories of the original American colonies in places like Williamsburg, Virginia, the White House in Washington, D.C., and the Empire State Building in New York City. Orlando, Florida has Disney World. Nashville, Tennessee has the country music scene and the Grand Ole Opry. But did you know it also has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon of Athens?

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio proclaims itself the Rollercoaster Capital of the World. Abbeville, Louisiana hosts the annual Giant Omelette Festival and Breaux Bridge, Louisiana is known as the Crawfish Capital of the World.

Kingsville, TX is often referred to as the “Texas Riviera.” It is home to the world-famous King Ranch, Texas A & M Kingsville campus, Naval Air Station Kingsville, and home to Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. Kingsville boasts 450 bird species.

Do you have an historic downtown area like Brownsville, Texas? Many communities have the potential for a vibrant downtown that serves to attract visitors and offer quality of life for residents.

It may be your cultural amenities that make you unique. It may be your beaches or mountains, great schools, technology clusters offering high-wage jobs or a prime location between several major cities. The City of Bastrop, Texas is only 25 miles from Austin and is located on the Colorado River.

Look at your community with new eyes. Are you making the most of your attributes? Is there an opportunity to create new stories as well as cherishing and promoting what you already have?

Every community has potential to be unique, tell its story and flourish given the motivation and the right strategy.

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