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Accelerating Your Economic Development Marketing Strategy

Join Charles Parker, Project Director at The Retail Coach, and our special guest, Colleen Walton, Marketing Strategist at Brand Acceleration Inc. They will be focusing on how to accelerate your economic development marketing strategy, while the use of services (browse here to get the best ones) can also be a great choice to improve the marketing of your business.

There are four steps to creating a TikTok for Business account. The best part is, it’s free.

  1. Sign up for a TikTok account: Download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create an account.
  2. Set up TikTok for Business: Navigate to the “Me” page, tap “…” on the top right corner of the screen, then tap “Settings and Privacy.” From there, select “Manage Account” then tap “Switch to Business Account.” Then, choose the category that best fits your small business.
  3. Optimize your TikTok profile: Choose a clear username and display name and upload a profile picture that best represents your brand. Then, add a brief description of your brand and drop your website in the link-in-bio box to drive traffic.
  4. Start sharing content: Morrisey Video Productions can help create engaging content that will generate leads and sales for your business.

You can also connect your Instagram to your TikTok profile to help convert your followers across different platforms. Get  more help to push your digital marketing to the next level by hiring the best experts at

To make the most out of your TikTok for Business account, it’s essential to have a strong content strategy that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience. The Good Agency is a great resource to turn to for guidance on social media content creation and strategy. Their team of experts can help you develop a compelling brand story, create engaging content, and develop a content calendar to ensure that you’re consistently putting out high-quality content on TikTok and other social media platforms. By working with the Good Agency, you can take your TikTok for Business account to the next level and drive real results for your small business.

The Business Creative Hub (link) was created as a solution to inspire business users when creating TikTok content. It features content creation guides and constantly shares trending content to help everyone, from seasoned pros to beginners. According to SocialBoosting using the Creative Hub is a great way to quickly learn about best practices that maximize engagement on the app, as is a great way to learn about business creation and management, and for employees there are also software like pay stub that help in business as well. To find the Business Creative Hub, navigate to “Business suite” under your “Settings and Privacy” menu in the app.

TikTok Shopping is an e-commerce feature that allows users to shop for products without ever leaving the app. You can see when a user has set up TikTok Shopping because they will have a dedicated shopping tab on their profile marked by a small bag. You should also make sure to hire a Google Shopping Ads Agency in Thailand to reach more online shoppers and grow your sales.

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