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For South Carolina communities interested in registering, please visit the MASC registration page here –

The Municipal Association of South Carolina has partnered with The Retail Coach, LLC to create a new training program for municipal leaders to become more proficient in economic development, specifically at attracting new businesses and restaurants to their communities.

The Retail Recruitment Training Program is a comprehensive, educational course for attendees to understand the basics of the retail real estate industry, with sessions covering topics such as: retail market analysis techniques and trade area determination, site selection criteria, and how to properly “pitch” a community to site selectors and developers. The program is scheduled to start in August, with monthly training sessions through December.

As the pioneer of retail recruitment consulting, The Retail Coach has worked with over 650 communities across 40 states since its inception in 2000. This experience will help in educating attendees on how some of the biggest names in the retail and restaurant industry make decisions on new locations, and to ensure municipalities are getting the most out of their economic development efforts, while also learning how to protect their retail business networks, with the use of expert resources you can find at sites such as

“When communities pay for a consultant to execute a market analysis, they are typically left with a pile of reports and not much direction. This partnership with MASC was developed to ensure that participating communities understand how to use these tools to effectively recruit new businesses and restaurants,” says Charles Parker, Project Director of The Retail Coach. “Participants will leave this program with an understanding of how the site selection and brand expansion process works so that they can drive new investment in their communities. This program will focus on making something happen, and not just talking about it.”

As part of the action-oriented program, attendees will also be prepared to attend industry trade shows, such as the International Council of Shopping Center’s RECon conference in December and other industry conferences throughout the year. What to bring, what to say, and how to navigate these events are critical to a successful retail recruitment strategy. Registration for attendees is currently open and can be found on MASC’s website.

Municipal Association of South Carolina
The Municipal Association of South Carolina was established in the 1930s and represents the state’s 271 municipalities. For more information on The Municipal Association of South Carolina, visit

About The Retail Coach
The Retail Coach, founded in 2000, is a national retail consulting, market research and development firm that combines strategy, technology, and creative expertise to develop and deliver high-impact retail recruitment and development strategies to local governments, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations.

The Retail Coach is a national retail recruitment and development firm that combines strategy, technology and retail expertise to develop and execute high-impact retail recruitment and development plans.  

To get more information on The Retail Coach email us at:

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