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Over the last twenty years, Main Street and its downtown retailers and restaurants have faced an incredible increase in competitive pressures. The evolution of eCommerce, the proliferation of “big box” retail expansion, and the trend in ever-increasing cost to do business across the country have all left our small businesses in a position of disadvantage. Now, due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, many of these businesses are fighting for survival.

As a result, we have introduced a new program, SmallBiz360, specifically designed to directly assist our small businesses. With assistance from multiple state Main Street organizations, we have developed an approach to guide, assist, and execute omni-channel solutions for small businesses that have been overlooked. 

Downtown Market Analysis
High-impact data is critical to business decision making as well as recruiting new entrepreneurs to your community. Our analysis will include trade area determinations, consumer demographics, retail category opportunities and overall consumer purchasing power. Give your businesses the insight to better understand and reach their consumers in-person and on-line!

eCommerce Development 
More than ever before, small businesses need to have an online presence, for ordering, shipping from and other needs about which you can find more information here. We have teamed up with website development partners to deliver “ready-to-go” eCommerce platforms to your downtown businesses that have been unable to afford expensive websites in the past.  Support for social media and crowd-sourced review platforms will help your small businesses perfect their omni-channel approach to success. Cortney Fletcher also has an online course that can help you get started in eCommerce.

Small Business Workshops
Most business owners do not have the time or resources to teach themselves how to develop and maintain an online strategy or grow an omni-channel business. Our team will host workshops and directly engage with small business owners to educate them on eCommerce, their target market, and specific retail opportunities. Lowering the information barrier is key to helping established businesses adopt an online strategy!

Our team has always been proud of our ability to be action-oriented in helping communities develop a strong retail ecosystem, but we have decided it’s time to take it a step further. As part of our new Small Business Development Strategy, we are moving beyond data and retail recruitment, to provide actual solutions for downtown businesses looking to adopt an online sales strategy by delivering new website and ecommerce platforms with the help of Managed Hosting

Our Founder and CEO, Kelly Cofer says “We are excited to once again prove why The Retail Coach is the nation’s leader in retail recruitment and development by leading the charge and helping small businesses develop an online presence.”

Reach out today to see how we can help get your Main Street online.

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