This blog post features essential steps for your mainstreet and businesses in order for them to succeed and stay relevant especially as we come out of 2020 and the covid-19 era.

Steps for Mainstreet

  • Community Development precedes Economic Development.
  • Identify and target appropriate Retailers & Retail Categories for Recruitment.
  • Market your Downtown/Community everyday and everywhere you go.
  • Know all primary available Retail Sites & Properties for lease, sale, development, and redevelopment.
  • Local retailers must commit to operating the business to make a profit and not as a hobby.
  • Local retailers need to “differentiate” and provide goods and services consumers demand.
  • Mashups transition stores into destinations.
  • Make shopping your store an experience.
  • Local retailers must have a website or they may not not survive.
  1. Social Media Usage
  2. Check For Reviews
  3. Easy To Find Businesses in Any City Online?

Steps for Businesses

  • Mobile is King
  • Local retailers must engage with their customers.
  • Make Yourself “Post-Worthy”
  • Create an experience!

Keys to Retail Success

  1. Understand Trends
  2. Have Data Ready
  3. Take Steps Now

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